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   There are few of us who wouldn`t want to travel more. Some of us didn`t make it because we didn`t have enough time or money, or because our expectations and priorities are different. Last but not least, the ways we use information and the ways we understand the need to travel are also different.
Various reasons motivate each of us, and this is why I decided to write down a list of seven reasons why you should travel more. Most of the time, this is the way I personally get motivated and I think the same reasons will also help you get motivated.

    In the past 3 years, as I traveled more often, I’ve  discovered that I like more and more to do it. In the same way, I noticed that it was easier to organize a trip, it cost me less and I was more motivated to save money for my trips.

    I often speak to persons that visited the same places I did, and I noticed that they spent more money doing fewer things. Just as often I speak with persons that have no problem spending 1000$ for a phone every year, but they panic when you ask them half of this money for a weekend in Barcelona.

1. Access to the Internet and information is practically unlimited, costs with flights and accommodation are lower than ever.

   More than that, you can find tons of information on travel blogs and forums. This way, you will not only save both time and money, but you can also be more relaxed as soon as you get to your destination. Things have changed and traveling is easier and cheaper.
You may think you need a lot of money, time, or master a foreign language to be able to travel, but this is not a must, it is only in your head. After all, you`re going on a vacation, not on an English camp.

    Even so, if you think you will not be able to handle planning your trip, you can always choose to travel using the services of a travel agency. Travel with a group can be even more relaxing if you are not so good at searching info and planning your trip.

    At the opposite pole, if you are the adventurer type and you like to travel on your own, let me give you two tips: 1 – Keep an eye on travel rates, and get the tickets as soon as the price drops. 2 – Get yourself well informed before you hit your destination, so you can be able to get the maximum out of your trip.

2. You will never have enough money, time and health, and the perfect moment to travel will never come. It doesn’t even matter what I say, I’m sure you can immediately name something you don`t have and need.

    You will be surprised, I’m sure, but we are all in the same magical situation. So, you must be guessing already, but the biggest problem, my friend, is the time. Try to relax, and make some adjustments to your priority list. If everything goes in the right direction, why not enjoy the fruits of your work and use some of your free time in the best way possible? Let`s hope you got the idea!

3. The older you get, the harder and more expensive it is to travel. Why do I say that? Mainly because I find it easier to travel with your knees to the chest, using low-cost flights, when you’re 25, as much as I think it`s also easier to share an apartment with your friends, or a hostel room with some strangers. If you ask me, any type of physical or economic effort is easier to bear when you’re younger.

    Surely, you can say that age also comes with some advantages, and you`ll be able to travel with programs dedicated to seniors at much cheaper prices. But most of us will still have to wait to get there, and hopefully, we wouldn’t have to wait until you are 63 to visit Venice.

4. Traveling makes you see things differently.

Simple routine exits. But the freedom to enjoy life, to enjoy the sun and every second of your spare time, the things you can apparently do every day, will help you see the things differently.

    You will discover that you don`t need so many things to be happy, and you will learn to better appreciate what you already have. And trust me, this is normality.

    We tend to ignore persons that are always with us, taking that for granted, we ignore things we already have, but we never forget to complain about unnecessary goods that we don`t have and whose possession seems to keep us far from fulfillment.

    As far as I am concerned, trying to travel more often, made me reset my priorities and also reset the way I direct my resources.

5. Every place you visit remains somehow stuck to your soul, as a unique feeling that you will always remember with a big smile on your face. 

    If you ask me, I find it impossible that one should not like to see new places, new cultures, new people. Mix in the crowd, enjoy the freedom, the sun, the food, enjoy not working, enjoy everything you find useful that makes you get the best out of your vacation. If that`s something you can`t do, I’m afraid you are  in the unpleasant position of not being able to enjoy life to the full.

    I can`t find too many things more relaxing than spending a few days with my family or my friends, far from daily stress and problems. From every trip, I come back home with batteries fully charged even it`s just a short trip.

6. Traveling educates you.

   When you travel, you have to get out of your comfort zone, to learn new things, to use and develop skills you didn’t even know you had. You have to manage new and demanding situations. To cut it short, you have to rely on your ability to handle any situation by yourself.

    Often, these teachings come packed with learning a foreign language, but also with the accumulation of new knowledge. So, no matter which side you turn things around, traveling has plenty of benefits.

7. Traveling keeps you both physically and mentally healthy.

    Considering that we spend more and more time in the car, in the front of a PC, or simply in front of a desk, not to mention the stress and lack of physical exercise, traveling is sometimes useful to change a few things.
As your physical condition is strongly related to your mental state, it wouldn’t hurt to get out of your daily routine from time to time.
Traveling doesn`t necessarily mean you have to leave the country or you have to ask your boss for a week off. You can as well use your weekend to enjoy a short mountain trip.

   Perhaps I would have found more reasons to travel if I had tried, but that`s not my purpose. Moreover, I think that just half of these reasons should help you get motivated and travel more, in case motivation or fear are some of your problems.
In case you think the budget is your problem, trust me, that should be your last concern. All you have to do is to stay focused, have patience, and try to reach your goal. Don`t wait too long, otherwise postponing will become an even bigger problem than fear, budget or time.
Also, keep in mind that nothing should discourage you, when you set a goal. All you have to know is this: save money, get well informed, have fun!

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